WEEK 17 – Desire and Concentration Coupled With Passion And Kindness Continues TO Further Open The Doors To The Heros’ Journey

Haanel – The Master Key Part Seventeen Par 15.

“”””All mental discovery and attainment are the result of desire plus concentration; desire is the strongest mode of action; the more authoritative the revelation desire added to concentration will wrench any secret from nature.””””

As I daily review the one and two sentences from my mini journal while I practice the mind gym,  self-discovery is sometimes confusing but engaging leading to my slow progression of understanding the Seven Laws Of Mind that makes it difficult for me to sit fifteen to thirty minutes in silence.  However, I do my best to stay engaged and follow the progressive realization of worthwhile predetermined learning. Thank you MKMMA and the team for all you do to keep us focused with our “”SUBBY””.


WEEK 16 -The Clarity Of Compound Progression Leads To Growth And Kindness Along The Journey

The Master Key Part Sixteen Par 32.  Haanel

“””If you wish to bring about the realization of any desire form a mental picture of success in your mind, by consciously visualizing your desire; in this way you will be compelling success, you will be externalizing it in your life by scientific methods.”””


It is a really amazing situation that sharing a minimum of two or more acts of kindness daily opens the door with a little love and kindness which widens our journey of spiritual and scientific understanding and is beginning to mold our trek into our future easier and easier. Natures miracle is somewhere bubbling.

WEEK 15 -The Awakening – The Foundation Has Been Laid””SUBBY”” IS READY IF WE ARE

“””The Master Key Part 15 Par 28 –

“””There can be no question but that he is ‘Wise Enough To Understand’  will readily recognize that the creative power of thought places an invincible weapon in his hands and makes him a ‘MASTER OF DESTINY.’

HAANEL Part 15 Par 28″””

We all have received the benefit of compound progression by reliving and reinforcing The Law Of Growth that has done the work to structure our blue print of new habits that has caused changes in our lives. It is an experience to learn how to properly focus and accomplish one thing at a time. We are all beginning to understand somewhat that we all are nature’s greatest miracle and that we all have unlimited potential and MKMMA is daily helping us to lay the foundation for our development.

“””In the past I have not considered this fact but it will henceforth shape and guide my life because with each victory the next struggle becomes less difficult.



WEEK 14 – Pursuit To Cross The New Bridge And Grab The Golden Key To The Vault Of The MKMMA Experience

Mark and the MKMMA Experience continues to strongly deliver value and the magic to a successful life with the spoken word, movies, books, index card, videos, and other forms  of learning and continuity to numerous to mention as the process and progress of what we are experiencing with MKMMA and leading us deeper and deeper in our own personal heroes journey as we reconstruct a newer and more powerful bridge in our lives as well as others as we learn to deal with the universe and the infinite. Like a bolt of lightning all of a sudden the MKMMA Experience has turned up a notch or two and the value of what we are receiving is showing and developing how to do life much much better with our inner personal creative power that is starting to strongly develop and begin to turn the Golden Key to our own personal value of  success. WOW!! What a shock.


I never thought of my subject lines for comparison until Mark dug deep and elucidated the value of daily persistence, habit, and the kaleidoscope benefit to install our wanted images into our conscience. That is a proven record of success and our MKMMA SUBBY is waiting to do the same for us if we keep our promises. Every day I shall come up with 3 grateful situations to write in my journal, build a progression ,  and read them every day, and search for gratitude triggered by my thoughts and the thoughts of others.   I am grateful for Mark, the fabulous fabulous Davene, and my guide, as I am finally giving birth and beginning to repair and anchor my new beginning and search for my MKMMA SUBBY which is impatiently waiting for me with open arms when I do the right uncovering of the open door before me as I enhance the improvements of my life.

WEEK 12 – How Do I And The Population Deal With The 7 Day Mental Diet And The Diet To Lose Weight???

WHAM!! BAM!! What does that mean?

I have been standing on the edge of the platform of my life like a trapeze artist since joining the MKMMA EXPERIENCE when all of a sudden I received a scary shock WITHIN compared to an electrical tremor WITHIN my being if I am explaining this unexpected WOW movement which shook me to my core and caused some trepidation of concern as if this were a warning  or signal of change WITHIN. As we all know more than 85% of the worlds’ population that go on a food diet their promises are not kept and we all go back to our self destroying habits and procrastination and not making changes in our health and eating habits. I have as well as others am still struggling with the truth and benefits of the 7 Day Mental Diet and Mind Gym as I start over and over and over and over again as I am becoming stronger and stronger to reach the apex of honor and happiness of fulfilling and winning my duel of mastering The 7 Day Mental Diet and The Mind Gym process and procedures. It is a very tough battle for me but I am beginning to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel. Perhaps the illumination of “”SUBBY””” is starting to jump charge My Within with a spark like rubbing 2 sticks together to start a fire.

Reference Hanel Master Key Part 12 Paragraph 23

“Man is so constituted that he must first create the tools, or implements by which he gains the power to think. The mind cannot comprehend  an entirely new idea until a corresponding vibratory brain cell has been prepared to receive it. This explains why it is so difficult for us to receive or appreciate an entirely new idea; we have no brain cell capable of receiving it: we are incredulous we do not believe it”.





WEEK 11 – Continuing Towards The Journey “””WITHIN”””

What a magnificent search with difficulty to stay on track to continue working on the 4 tiny habits and definiteness of purpose that strengthens the 7 Laws Of The Mind as I work on my blue print of my world within. It is a task to mold the and build the burning desire to honestly develop my world within.

Haanel Part 11 Par 25 – So when the Great Teacher said –“Believe that ye receive and ye shall receive”, or when Paul said — “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen,”

Where can you mind take you?