WEEK 14 – Pursuit To Cross The New Bridge And Grab The Golden Key To The Vault Of The MKMMA Experience

Mark and the MKMMA Experience continues to strongly deliver value and the magic to a successful life with the spoken word, movies, books, index card, videos, and other forms  of learning and continuity to numerous to mention as the process and progress of what we are experiencing with MKMMA and leading us deeper and deeper in our own personal heroes journey as we reconstruct a newer and more powerful bridge in our lives as well as others as we learn to deal with the universe and the infinite. Like a bolt of lightning all of a sudden the MKMMA Experience has turned up a notch or two and the value of what we are receiving is showing and developing how to do life much much better with our inner personal creative power that is starting to strongly develop and begin to turn the Golden Key to our own personal value of  success. WOW!! What a shock.


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